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How to Obtain Powered by Azure Logo for your Windows Azure website

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To help partners market their applications Microsoft has created a new logo “Powered by Windows Azure”. You can read about the objectives of this co-marketing program in this web page. In this blog we will have a look at the process and requirements to obtain this logo assuming that you have already deployed your web site to Azure. The first step is to access the Microsoft Platform Ready website. You click the Sign Up link where you can provide some information about yourself and your company. You can then Sign In with your Live ID
to access the portal 2. Now we are redirected to a page that lists in panel My MPR the list of applications registered for certification. The application can be added by clicking as small link Add an app below the Application table 3. The form appears where you provide information about the Windows Azure website that you want to certify. The application name, version, description and the URL to the application are provide. 4. In the remaining section of the form we indicate...(Read whole news on source site)

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