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To Belgium, and Beyond!

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Today signals the first leg of our Spring AOP Tour. Gael is scheduled to speak about the benefits of developing with aspects at a number of events and user groups over the next couple of months, beginning with today’s presentation at La Journee Agile in Brussels. What is La Journee Agile The event focuses on – you guessed it – Agile and serves as a gathering place for Belgian and French developers, from a variety of backgrounds, to gain valuable information and insight into Agile concepts, terminology, methodologies and practices.
Gael referred to the Agile community’s attack on “the system” last autumn, after speaking at the European Software Craftsmanship Conference: “Many were attracted to the [software developer] profession because the demand for programmers was so high. The bar for new hires was set low, and mediocrity reigned as complexity rose and quality fell. Corporate-types addressed the issue by adding “hordes of average programmers” controlled by a pyramid of managers and strict methodologies.” “The agile community led the first attack on “the system” and targeted its bureaucracy: methodology does matter, they claimed, but...(Read whole news on source site)