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How you compare IE9 with others ? part 2

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in my last post i am talking about IE 9 very rudely because  i really not like the concept behind the IE9. they just polish IE9 and pick -out a sticker for it called performance and some Windows integration advantage called feature like jumplist. As a common user wherever almost most of genration goes is Facebook and twitter. their is no one get problem if they even use them from IE6 or best browser they can have one. but in new generation browser if something we got more then we appreciate them because we know that someone make them for user
to make their experience better. most of person give donation for addons because a addons help them a lot or the plugin done much enough work for them or they have great feeling with them. don't be on IE9 they can never have addons plugin fundamental in the core of IE as chrome have. these days chrome goes much better then IE as something more then Firefox but Firefox and chrome both are incredible in their ways. so what point you have to tell a browser have more then mine and how you propose that this one browser are best one. IE9...(Read whole news on source site)

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