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How you compare IE9 with others ?

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From few month MSFT put Ads for IE9 Everywhere. i am amazed on Google’s own blog written post on chrome and ads in bottom show beautyoftheweb and right bottom corner show that ads by Google. it’s great that MSFT never forget that place to give ads. 1. performance IE9 call itself that it’s give better performance  then chrome and Firefox so sound like disgusting because:- if performance is really a issue it’s would be great but where we need performance can anybody show me that: so it’s look like MSFT old trick that make a issue
and solved them so sound they can attract more the other software. well they want to copycat Everything Bing [Google] , Silverlight [Adobe Flash] and ASP.NET MVC [Ruby on rails] and are you know Live messanger they make a feature their something like facebook so i never want to mention that they copy them from Facebook. They make a X64 version of IE9 to perform better on the x64 version and they itself not have Silverlight integration on x64 IE9. well i am reported in many last post that my IE9 not work with silverlight. the issue is actually...(Read whole news on source site)

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