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Refreshable SSRS reports in Excel

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As we know, we can easily export SSRS reports to excel file.  But, sometimes there is a user requirement to automatically refresh the data in the excel file when user opens the file again. Robert Bruckner has written this excellent post for doing this using inserting a image file into the World or Excel. But, now as per post it will become an image and it will not be possible to do any further calculations in excel file which will be needed by analysts sometime.  The one workaround to this problem can be a Macro in excel file. Let’s see
how to do this: Reports can be directly executed from URL and we can also pass parameters and rendering format details in URL. For more details on this, you can refer Now,  As we can take any of the report and try to call it from URL. You can find this report attached below. For Example,
http://gnsez-pc-158/ReportServer?/Mytest/MultivlaueParameter&rs:Command=Render&ReportParameter1=1&rs:Format=CSV Here, we are exporting it to CSV to get data irrespective of page break, but we can use excel if report has charts and report do not have page breaks. Now, We can start creating VBA code in Excel file. To write the code in excel...(Read whole news on source site)

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