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5 Ways That Postsharp Can SOLIDify Your Code: Transaction Management

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Source code used in these blog posts is available on GitHub The last consulting gig I was at, we were required to use an SOA framework to interact with enterprise-level data. This framework was SOA almost entirely in name only, completely home-grown, and was something of a misguided "pet project" of the chief of IT, insecure, built on some shaky technologies, and was created to solve a problem that was either non-existent, or solvable by much simpler means. My team was very frustrated by this framework, but as consultants, you sometimes have to learn to pick your battles,
go for the easy wins first, build trust, and then gradually tackle larger problems. However, this can be a very slow process that takes years, depending on the organization. In the meantime, we were stuck with this framework that didn't really work well with multithreaded apps (like, for instance, a web server), would often crash, and sometimes just wouldn't work at all. We had to build a working app on top of this mess, and since we're trying to build trust in the organization, we needed to ensure a certain level of reliability in the app that we were...(Read whole news on source site)

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