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Making Web Apps Sizzle with Bing Maps and HTML5’s Geolocation API

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A few weeks ago, I wrote about Silverlight for Windows Phone’s location API, which allows applications to ascertain their location – latitude, longitude, altitude (if GPS is available), and so on. More recently, I’ve been writing samples around HTML5’s geolocation API. The two APIs are remarkably similar save for HTML5’s lack of support for setting movement thresholds. Both allow you to write location-aware apps with remarkably little code, and both can be combined with Bing Maps to produce stunning UIs pinpointing a user’s location, providing turn-by-turn directions, and more. In fact, once you learn one of the location
APIs, you’ll feel right at home with the other. They’re that much alike. To demonstrate how to combine HTML5 geolocation with Bing Maps, I wrote a sample that I call MapLocation.html. Here it is in IE9, with a pushpin directly over my house: Here’s the source code for the page, minus the Bing Maps API key that you must register for before using Bing Maps controls and services: