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Firebug 1.7x goes slow with Iframe issue resolve for Firefox 4

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last days i upgrade my Firefox to 4 and Firebug to 1.7 from beta. later i found a slow performance issue with firebug 1.7. the problem is that i am trying to open a page something like archive page and they have Facebook , twitter like widget for Every post they have shown on the page. when i am trying to open the Firebug 1.7 then they just hang and not responding so i need to stop the executable of Firefox using task manager. when this happen many time it’s frustrated me because they have 15 second when i press
f12 and sometime hang and restart Firefox and spent 15 second again. no chance they not hang again. so the sollution for this is very small to follow. Use adblock plus to load useless stuff from page. it’s help to prevent performance issue in Firefox. because today much nonsense in Google ad-sense is flash enabled ads who take much performance from a page sometime whenever page have a small information or ads putted everywhere on page we visit. so in this case problem is js file who twitter and face-book want to load on the page. Every...(Read whole news on source site)

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