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Security with chrome webstore !

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Everywhere on internet you need to sure before giving them contact detailed even a small or big one. in chrome webstore someone can stole your data for their own use. Beware to use unknown plugin in chrome webstore. As Bing stole Data from Google for bing itself. there is someone other can stole your data using a addons they maked.   How to prevent this situation ?   In chrome webstore some plugin used as bookmark who showed as icon on new tab and when you click then they redirect to online site these
type of plugin not harm yourself. but when you go to website the signup process no guaranteed by chrome webstore that they never can start spamming so thing first and reviewed carefully before signup their because before signup you agree with term and condition of the website no matter their you go their through the add-ons you got on chrome webstore. you never claim if they harm you.   1. Reviewed the site carefully before signup their never signup with Facebook. try to find out what other tell on chrome plugins page. if you feel something bad then...(Read whole news on source site)

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