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Firefox , chrome vs Internet Explorer

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From last year Microsoft make ads for Internet Explorer on Every good Website known commonly for Development [client , Web or both]. I am amazed when I read the Google chrome blog and watch the ads for IE on the bottom of the post I read. I am amazed whenever I see beautyoftheweb on the chrome blog and little icon putted with ads that ads by Google. ha ha ha no one place MSFT forget to ads for IE and what about result they made in IE9. Silverlight still not worked in IE9 whenever Firefox and chrome
work perfectly. the problem is not version. I got the latest version from the MSFT website and when I install them I got the error that same version is already installed in the system. well what thing IE need whenever same thing work in Firefox and chrome. well there is a lot of people talking about IE most of them are MVP or relate to MSFT so you already know they never can thing to compare Firebug with IE developer tool whenever they make...(Read whole news on source site)

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