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Silverlight for Windows Phone Programming Tip #8

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One of the remarkable aspects of Windows Phone 7’s WebBrowser control is that you can build an entire Web site in isolated storage, point the WebBrowser control to it, and view the Web site on your phone. Once IE for Windows phones comes to support HTML5 (and that day can’t come soon enough, IMHO), this, I believe, will be a useful mechanism for packaging HTML5 apps so that they look and feel like native phone apps. Even now, using a WebBrowser control as a window into local HTML content provides a way to deploy HTML-based help systems to the phone.
And I’m sure there are other uses for it that I haven’t thought of. To demonstrate how to use WebBrowser to view locally stored content, I built a sample site in HTML and wrote the pages, images, and style sheets into isolated storage. Relative links allow the user to navigate among the pages. The home page looks like this: Here’s the HTML source for the page:  

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