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T-SQL Quiz March,2011

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I hope you are aware of the t-sql quiz 2011. This has been started from 1st of this month. But, If you have not started taking part in this, I recommend we should start taking part in this. There are many reasons for taking part in this, but some of them are -          Sometimes by looking into the question, we feel that answer is pretty simple, but when we go into the questions deeply, we come to   know that there is something we did not know. -          It’s really great way to examining the skills and find out area of improvement. -          We can
also learn some cool tricks by looking at answers given by some other  experts -          May be Winning IPAD So, if you not started, below is the place to start Every day one new question will be asked, but from the real beauty is we can appear every question which begins from Day1. I am thinking of answering questions on next weekend.   All the best for quiz.
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