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The Only Console Application Template You Will Ever Need

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I create quite often some small console application to do this or that. But the standard Console Application project is rather … empty. To prevent me from reinventing the wheel over and over again I sat down and created a more usable Console Application skeleton. The features are Functional style command line parser Console Coloring Error Handler set up (try/catch around Main and AppDomain.UnhandledException Handler) Help Clean Code No additional dependencies required. Only 20 KB of additional source code with documentation is added. That is all. With VS210 there is the new VSIX format to install templates but my working horse is still VS2008. I did create therefore an MSI which takes care of deploying the Color Console template for VS2008 and VS2010 when present. Your main method looks much more declarative now where you can set in the delegates the values of the command line switches as you like.


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