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5 Steps to Containerize your Enterprise Mobile Apps

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source: For starters, you can easily implement a baseline level of device security in exchange for allowing your employees to use their device at work.  Remember, virtually every smartphone and tablet on the planet comes preloaded with Exchange ActiveSync client bits that allows you to enforce a complex PIN, device encryption, periodic PIN expiration (like your PC's), and remote wipe for lost or stolen device.  Beyond that, it's about keeping your corporate data safe.  Since data is presented to users via enterprise apps, you need to containerize and bulletproof them: 1) Enterprise mobile
apps should prompt a user for credentials in order to launch the app. 2) Enterprise mobile apps must protect their local data-at-rest with encryption. 3) Enterprise mobile apps must protect their data-in-transit with SSL. 4) Enterprise mobile apps must present credentials to the web services they're calling in order to send/receive data. 5) An Internet gateway at the edge of the network must be employed to securely publish web services. ...Read more...(Read whole news on source site)

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