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Silverlight ProgressBar issues with Binding

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The ProgressBar pretty much does what it says on the tin, displays progress, in a bar form (well, by default anyhow). It’s pretty simple to use: Gives you a progress bar with 50% of it filled: Easy! But of course, we’re wanting to use binding to change the value, again, pretty easy, have a ViewModel with a ‘Value’ in it, and bind: Spiffy, and whilst we’re at it, why not bind the Maximum value as well – after all, we can’t be sure of the size of
the progress, and it’s a pain to have to work out the percentage (when the progress bar can do it for us): Right, this will work absolutely fine. Or will it??? On the face of it, it looks good, and testing it shows no issues, until at one point we go from: Maximum = 100; Value = 90; to Maximum=60; Value=50; On the face of it not unreasonable. The problem is more obvious if we look at the states of the properties after each set (initially Maximum is set at 1, Value = 0): ...(Read whole news on source site)

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