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ASP.NET Frameworks and Raw Throughput Performance

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A few days ago I had a curious thought: With all these different technologies that the ASP.NET stack has to offer, what's the fastest technology overall to return raw data for a server request? When I started this it was mere curiosity rather than a real practical need or result. Different tools are used for different problems and so performance differences are to be expected. But still I was curious to see how the various technologies performed relative to each orher just for raw throughput of the request getting to the endpoint and back out to the client with as
little processing in the actual endpoint logic as possible  (aka Hello World). I want to clarify that this is merely an informal test for my own curiosity and I'm sharing the results and process here because I thought it was interesting. It's been a long while since I've done any sort of perf testing on ASP.NET, mainly because I've not had extremely heavy load requirements and because overall ASP.NET performs very well even for fairly high loads so that often it's not that critical to test for load performance. And that's a good thing! This post is not meant to...(Read whole news on source site)

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