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My Favorite Features: Unit Testing Enhancements in Visual Studio 11

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I’ve been writing a set of posts on some of my favorite Visual Studio 11 features that I’m using in my personal development. In my last post, I talked about JavaScript tooling enhancements. In this post, I’d like to talk about the new unit testing features. Unit testing is an important step in the development process, and is something we are doing throughout the team in Visual Studio. I’ve also been writing unit tests while working on my personal coding projects. Third-Party Test Frameworks Developers who are passionate about unit testing will often tell you why their favorite framework is the
best. With Visual Studio 11, we wanted to give people a top-notch, developer-focused experience that let them use whatever framework they wanted. To add a unit testing framework to your development environment, just install the plugin from the Visual Studio Extension Manager (pictured below) or the Visual Studio Gallery online. There are many test framework plugins available at this point, including: NUnit MbUnit QUnit Jasmine And of course we still have the built-in test “MS-Test” framework for .NET code, as well as a new framework for C++ code. Writing Tests with NUnit Let’s take a look at the example of NUnit. The NUnit team...(Read whole news on source site)

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