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Windows 8 C# – Capture Media

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I left JavaScript and started to work on Windows 8 Metro using C# and XAML, in this post I’ll demonstrate how to use WinRT for Camera, File Picker and Audio Recording. Download Demo Project Step 1: Create Blank Metro Project and Initialize MediaCapture Taking pictures using Camera or File Picker is pretty easy using WinRT, we going to use the MediaCapture class for Audio Recording, CameraCaptureUI for taking Picture from the built in Camera and FileOpenPicker for choosing pictures from local directories. The MediaCapture class will allow us
to capture: Video Media Audio But first we need to create our project resources and define the Application Capabilities to allow us using those features. Open Package.appmanifest file located under the project and select the following:
Each of the below selections gives the application the needed permissions to work with those features.
MediaCapture mediaCaptureMgr; StorageFile recordStorageFile; bool recording; DeviceInformationCollection devInfoCollection; ...(Read whole news on source site)

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