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TFS API Part 45 (VS11) – Modify Teams and Team Members

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In my previous post “Teams and Team Members”  I talked about new Service in TFS API called – TfsTeamService. Using this service we can control Teams and Team Members under TFS. We can create and remove Teams and Team Members using TFS API. I know this can be quite confusing but Teams in TFS are simply Group (Security Group), same as Contributors, Administrators etc. If you open Security tab under TFS Web Management you can see that there is two separate lists of Groups – Teams and TFS Groups, I’ll show how to
separate between Teams and Groups. In order to add members or remove them from specific Team we need to use the IGroupSecurityService. You can read more here: TFS API Part 41–Manage Groups and Members TFS API Part 32 – Add and Remove Users From Application Groups The application below will show you two lists: Groups and Teams.
Then you will be able to Remove the Team or Group and for each you can get the members under...(Read whole news on source site)

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