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Retrieve System Information in Silverlight

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In a Silverlight application we are building for a client, they wanted an About screen that would display system information such as the current URL, the operating system name and version, the product name and various other information. In the same application, we built a logging system to gather this same information and write that information to a file to help developers troubleshoot issues. We decided to create a Silverlight class that would gather the information shown in Figure 1. . Figure 1: A Silverlight system information class to gather information about the user’s environment. The class where all of this data comes
from is named PDSASystemInfo. This class contains a set of properties that get information from the current executing assembly, the Environment class, and a few other classes that give you system information in your Silverlight application. Let’s look at each of these properties in turn. The Constructor First off, the constructor for this class retrieves the main assembly for your Silverlight application. This is the first assembly that runs. I assume that the first assembly is where your Silverlight user controls run from, so we need a reference to that assembly in order to retrieve copyright, title, company, and description information. You...(Read whole news on source site)

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