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Understanding the Application Addresses Refresh Job in SharePoint 2010

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In this article I would like to give you some information about a very important timer job in SharePoint 2010 - the Application Addresses Refresh Job. If you do not understand what it is used for you might see some strange (to you) error messages when configuring SharePoint. Even if you're familiar with it it might be a good idea to continue reading. Purpose of the Application Addresses Refresh Job The Application Addresses Refresh Job has one specific job to do - keep track of all available and online instances of all service application end-points.
This means that whenever a proxy requests an endpoint for a service application it will ask the Topology Service (the Application Discovery and Load Balancer Service) for an endpoint. The Topology Service keeps a list of the endpoints that has been discovered by the Application Addresses Refresh Job and passes on one of these endpoints to the proxy, using the load balancing algorithm, which uses that endpoint to talk to the service application. So far so good... So, what could go wrong here... The problem is that this job only runs (by default) every 15 minutes. And unless...(Read whole news on source site)

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