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TFS API Part 44 (VS11) – Teams and Team Members

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TFS 11 comes with many great changes for software development, the first and super important is Teams, until TFS 11 Task work item or any other work item has to be assign to individual, means that you can’t assign a Task to a Scrum Team etc… So many people has built customize solution to handle this but no need! because TFS 11 comes with this great Feature! In TFS Web Management site you can add as many teams as you want under One Team Project. If your team works with Scrum then
you should have a product backlog, but how you can manage two or more backlogs for each team? Working without backlog for teams will make it very difficult to keep track on what our team already completed and the progress on each other Task. To Solve this you need to Assign Working Area and/or Iteration for Teams. Now when you create a new Team there is a new Area created with the Team Name, this allow you to assign stuff for that Area path so the team can easily the relevant tasks for her....(Read whole news on source site)

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