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Using SpecsFor.Mvc - Establishing Context with Seed Data

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SpecsFor.Mvc gives you a lot in a single NuGet package.  You get a test web host, a strongly-typed API for navigating around and interacting with your MVC app, and standard hooks for dealing with cross-cutting concerns like authentication, but you also get hooks that you can use to add your own behavior.  In this post, I’ll show you how to use one of those hooks to load seed data into your application to facilitate testing. The “Using SpecsFor.Mvc” Series Using SpecsFor.Mvc – Introduction Using
SpecsFor.Mvc – Navigation and Form Submission Using SpecsFor.Mvc - Reading Data Using SpecsFor.Mvc – Dealing with Authentication Using SpecsFor.Mvc - Establishing Context with Seed Data (you are here) More coming soon! Seed Data?  What’s That? Most applications require some initial data in order to function.  Maybe it’s an initial admin account, or a set of default product categories, but most apps have at least some data that needs to be present.  Beyond that, in order to create...(Read whole news on source site)

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