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Code to Interfaces. Right. What’s an Interface?

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The premise of coding to interfaces has been around for awhile now. The concept is simple. Given a definition of something you create things based on that definition. That might be a horrible description of an interface but I didn’t want to go all Computer Science on you. Interface? What’s an Interface? Here’s a simple interface:
1: interface ICustomerService 2: { 3: IEnumerable GetAllCustomers();
4: }
Pretty basic. We have a Customer class somewhere and this interface describes a method called GetAllCustomers that will return you a list of Customer objects. With an interface you don’t have an implementation. There’s no code here to say where we get the customers from, just that we expect this to return us a list of them. Now in our code we can write something like this:
1: public void DisplayAllCustomers(ICustomerService service) 2: { 3: foreach (var...(Read whole news on source site)

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