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Why I Taught My Daughter To Code (A Little)

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Literacy Imagine a world in which very few people knew how to read or write. You kept to certain parts of town because you couldn't read a map or a street sign. When you needed to sign a contract, you just asked what it said and had to take it on faith. A lot of your experience was based on legend and rumor. Books, and the information in them, was mystical. Sometimes you suspected they were being used against you, but you never really knew. There was definitely plenty of work around, but some high end jobs weren't
remotely possible - not just clerical work, but professions that required a lot of information management, like the medical and legal professions. Please don't tell me not to learn to code Over this past year, there have been commentary back and forth on whether everyone should learn to code. A few free, interactive sites like Codecademy popped up which made it easy to start learning some basic coding. I was a big fan - I helped my eleven year old daughter go through it, and we both agreed it was great. More on that later. Then...(Read whole news on source site)

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