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EF5 Release Candidate Available on NuGet

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A couple of months ago we released EF5 Beta 2. Since releasing Beta 2 we have made a number of changes to the code base, so we decided to publish a Release Candidate before we make the RTM available. This release is licensed for use in production applications. Because it is a pre-release version of EF5 there are some limitations, see the license for more details.   What Changed Since Beta 2? This Release Candidate includes the following changes: Added a CommandTimeout property to DbMigrationsConfiguration to allow you to override the timeout
for applying migrations to the database. We updated Code First to add tables to existing database if the target database doesn’t contain any tables from the model. Previously, Code First would assume that the database contained the correct schema if it was pointed at an existing database that was not created using Code First. Now it checks to see if the database contains any of the tables from the model. If it does, Code First will continue to try and use the existing schema. If not, Code First will add the tables for the model to...(Read whole news on source site)

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