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The Task: Async and Await in a Windows Runtime World

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In my last blog post, I covered how to wrap your arms around the Task class and its relationship to the new async and await keywords. I mentioned that the post was focused on the .NET Framework only because the Windows Runtime handles these operations differently. In this post, I’ll cover what those differences are. Task is a Task is a Task First, in the Windows Runtime, a Task is a Task … is a Task. You can write your code to return a Task or Task in your Windows 8 Metro applications. If you are going to
expose a Windows Runtime (WinRT) component, however, one of the rules is that you must always return a WinRT type. For asynchronous operations, there are four types allowed: No Result Returns Results No Progress or Cancellation IAsyncAction IAsyncOperation Supports Progress and/or Cancellation IAsyncActionWithProgress IAsyncOperationWithProgress The type you return depends on whether or not you return a result, and whether or not you support checking progress and/or cancellation. Task is a...(Read whole news on source site)

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