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Guidelines to configure SQL server on developer box

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Warning:- Settings mentioned below are listed by keeping developer workstation in mind. Even if some setting might applicable for live production server, please refrain using the same script or recommendation from this post against SQL production/UAT/QA server. In developer environment it helps in many ways if you have database is on same machine as your application. This is also needed if need to do some work offline. As Developer edition comes at cost around `2000 or $50 and if you have proper MSDN subscription, you can install it without encoring any additional cost. Due to all these reasons, many developers have
SQL server installed on their workstations. In our development environment, we need to run lots of other applications other than SQL server, all these applications need resources. It helps if we can reduce the amount of resources used by SQL server. Below is the list of all such options we can consider in development environment. Please note that all these settings are listed below are for SQL 2008 Developer edition, some of these settings are not applicable to earlier version of SQL or expression edition. Also based on your application.nature of work this setting is not applicable or may produce unwanted...(Read whole news on source site)

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