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JSON deserialization with caching results

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On January 22 I promised this to be a three-part series. I’ve been kinda busy with upgrading apps, Windows 8 experiments and trivial ;-) stuff like code camps, an MVP summit, preparing my first and second talk about Windows Phone and whatnot and made you wait for the final part for exactly three months – but those who know me, know I stick my promises, so here’s the third and final part of my JSON for Windows Phone series. In part 1 of this series I described the basics of creating classes
from a JSON string and then simply deserializing the string into a (list of) classes. In part 2 I showed how to use JSONConverter subclasses to handle complex stuff the deserializer cannot handle out of the box, like class hierarchies. Part 3, as promised, shows a way to cache results - which makes your application faster, more responsive and more battery/data plan friendly. Using the demo solution of part 2 as a starting point, I first brought in my wp7nl library on codeplex using NuGet. I am lazy just like any programmer (should be)...(Read whole news on source site)

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