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Visual Studio 2011 Beta First Review.

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Before some days Microsoft has release visual studio 2011 beta and I have started playing with it. Have you played with it yet? If not then this series of post is for your. I am going to start a series for few post here and this post also will be part this Visual Studio 20111 beta features series. I am basically a developer by heart. So out of latest offering from Microsoft  I am concentrating more on Visual studio 2011,ASP.NET 4.5,C# new features and ASP.NET
MVC 4. So here we got let’s load visual studio 2011 beta. Once you load Visual studio 2011 Beta the first thing you notice is start page of the visual studio 2011. It’s streamline with metro style icons and nice UI as below. Here you also noticed that Microsoft has made Visual Studio 2011 make look really simple and concentrating more on coding part just like metro style apps simple colours and tight and sharpen edges.  Once you click on the latest news it will allow you to set your rss feed and under...(Read whole news on source site)

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