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SharePoint 2010 as a Single Page Application (teaser)

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What is a Single Page Application?  Essentially, an application disguised as a single web page.  Like the official "Twitter" web application.  You click, things happen, data is loaded and released asynchronously, layouts are arranged and displayed.  Like magic. On a crazy Thursday afternoon I had the mad idea of building a Single Page Application on top of SharePoint. This is a sneak preview of my work so far on this goal:   The story so far Everything in a SharePoint farm solution
Deploys to /_layouts/JL-SPA/SPA.aspx - one single page! UI layout using Twitter Bootstrap - what you see above is based on the Fluid example template Twitter Bootstrap is based on Less.js UI binding using Knockout.JS With Knockout.Mapping.js addon ...(Read whole news on source site)

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