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Google Penguin kills my visitors

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Google announced Tuesday the 24th of April that they have updated the Google algorithm and named it Penguin. It focuses on keyword stuffing and grey hat link schemes. More about the update from Google can be found on the official Google webmaster blog. This blog has been affected by the penguin update as you can see here from my Google Analytics Screenshot: The first dot is a Saturday and the last dot is also a Saturday. This is a normal week for my blog. The most visitors hit my blog during the work week. Since the
audience is spread across several countries, it’s not 9am to 5pm traffic. But here is a week later when penguin kicks in: The first dot is again a Saturday and the last dot is also a Saturday. The week starts normal at Monday. Tuesday is still okay, but then penguin kicks in. It seems a rule of thumb that for my quantity of visitors this means minus 25 percent! To prove it, here is 25th of April compared to “the day before”: Because this penguin update does need some tweaking, Matt Cutts tweeted...(Read whole news on source site)

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