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Many of the key Windows 8 Metro Style application features either require or can greatly benefit from a connection to online services. ASP.NET Web API is a great fit for these services, as it's tightly focused around providing HTTP services to applications. I'm starting a series that will look at how to leverage ASP.NET Web API services from Windows 8 applications. In this first post in the series, we'll begin with a simple C# Windows 8 Metro Style application that displays data from the ASP.NET Web API Contact Manager sample. Once we've got the basics locked down, we'll move
on to some more complex topics. I'm thinking Live Tiles and Notifications, but I'm interested in your ideas of where to go next, so please let me know in the comments. The ASP.NET Web API Contact Manager sample I thought it would be simplest to start with an official, tried and true Web API sample that's been around since the early days of WCF Web API - the Contact Manager Sample. You can download the code here: This code is originally written for Visual Studio 2010, but I'm going to be working on Visual...(Read whole news on source site)



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