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How to build PostSharp Toolkits

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Just a quick note to say we’ve fixed the PostSharp Toolkits so that you can build them from source code. Previously, some artifacts were hardcoded to our development environment. Note that the objective of the toolkits is to provide you with ready-made implementations, so we encourage you downloading the NuGet packages instead of building from source code. In order to build the toolkits, follow these steps: 1. Download the source code from GitHub Clone the repository git:// or download the source code from 2. Install PostSharp You need PostSharp to build
the toolkits, but we don’t use NuGet to retrieve it from the network. This is because the build script needs to be compatible with our development environment. The minimal version number of PostSharp you need is specified in the dependencies section of the file $\Build\NuGet\Logging\PostSharpDiagnosticsToolkit.nuspec. If you’ve installed PostSharp with the setup program, you can go to the next step. Otherwise, you need to create a file named $\Dependencies\PostSharp\PostSharpDir.Custom.targets, which specifies where PostSharp is installed. Note that this file should not be checked into the source control. Here is the content of this file for our development...(Read whole news on source site)