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When binding to a DataGrid, in most cases you have a fixed number of columns and a variable number of rows. This post covers the case when you have a variable number of rows AND a variable number of columns. NOTE: This post is part of a series that starts with this prior post. The example in this post uses the application that is built as part of that series. For more general information on populating a DataGrid in Silverlight, see these prior posts: Populating a DataGrid in a Silverlight Application
Populating a DataGrid in a Silverlight Application using MVVM The example is a Student Management application. Each student has an Id and name and a set of scores. When building the application, you don't want to hard-code a predefined number of scores. Rather, you want to allow the users to define any number of scores. This makes it more challenging to then bind the data to a DataGrid. Start by adding a DataGrid to a page. If you are working through the series of posts, you can use the DataGrid you added...(Read whole news on source site)



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