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Source Control from red gate software summary review

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I have used Source Control since the first release, and even then it was a great option for bringing source control for the DB.  Well a great tool just got better and better rounded in the process. Again, the integration with multiple repositories like SVN or in my case TFS is great.  What makes it even better is the near zero interaction a DBA would have to have with Visual Studio in order to drive the solution from managing a few stored procedures or tables to driving a database change management process. The focus, of course, is to
deliver a solution that allows you to develop a solution.  Yes, I did say develop.  This is intended to serve the results it needs when we establish a process to move from Dev to QA to Prod.  Assisting in establishing baselines and the call for release points. Let’s start from the process of enrolling your database to be under Source Control.  What is needed?  a source control repository, and the path to where, within that repository, you will be storing the scripts and change records.  This is where the work starts, obviously, you will do an initial baseline entry...(Read whole news on source site)

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