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How to Create an ODBC Data Source Name (DSN) on Windows Azure Web/Worker Role

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Legacy applications frequently leverage ODBC connectivity to data sources in general and to the SQL Server in particular. ODBC is supported in Windows Azure with SQL Server 2008 /R2 Native Client ODBC driver. Consequently, it is possible to migrate such applications to Windows Azure Roles. However, if the legacy application uses DSNs and the source code is not available you may be faced with the problem of how to automate the creation of DSN on the Web or Worker Role. Because the Web and Worker Roles instances can be moved to a different hardware when Azure Host
OS is updated, we need to ensure that the data source is automatically created for us. In general, ODBC DSNs are created with the ODBC Data Source Administrator that stores information in Windows Registry. To automate creation of the DSN on Azure Web/Worker Role we will use a startup task that will write to the Windows Registry the same information that the ODBC Data Source Administrator creates. This may not be an officially supported procedure but for the legacy code scenario described it may be only viable alternative. On the 64 bit OS ( Azure...(Read whole news on source site)

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