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Knockout anonymous templates and css3pie don’t get along.

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I’m developing and ASP.Net MVC application with Knockout 2.0/2.1rc.  I’m using modernizr (2.5.3) and css3pie (1.0 beta 5) to get CSS3 and HTML5 support on as many browsers as I can. On a particular view I am using imageless add/delete buttons. I’m using Knockout to dynamically add and remove items from two tables. I had to use css3pie to help make the buttons work in IE 6-8 with this line for the add button: /* no fix currently for radial gradient in IE6-8... using linear instead.*/ -pie-background: linear-gradient(-90deg, #1b9918,#1b9918 65%,transparent 65%, transparent); and for the delete: -pie-background: linear-gradient(-90deg, #da7d83, #da7d83 50%,
#ca444e 50%, #ca444e); When I apply the binding in KO (.applybinding), the buttons disappeared in IE 8.  At first I thought something was wrong in modernizr but after some testing I realized it was only IE 8 that was failing.  That got me thinking about css3Pie. After some searching around on the internet I found this post. The final response gave me my answer: I have the same problem with a native ko templates, if I use "foreach"
without a container element. Also, I was trying to use PIE.js instead
of - but without success.
For templates like
    (Read whole news on source site)

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