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Programmatically Create a Managed Metadata List Column (Mohammed Faizan)

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Managed metadata is a hierarchical collection of centrally managed terms that you can define, and then use as attributes for items in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010. Refer here for more information on the managed metadata in SharePoint 2010. A column is a location in a list in which to store information about a SharePoint Server 2010 item. When you define a column, you provide a name for the column, specify the column's type, and provide additional information that depends on the column type. SharePoint Server 2010 introduces a new column type named managed metadata. When you create
a managed metadata column, you specify the term set from which the column's values must come. When you want users to provide information for list items (including documents), and the valid values for the information are contained in a term set, use a managed metadata column. Create a new content type or modify an existing content type, and then add the managed metadata column to the content type. This post describes the way of programmatically creating a managed metadata taxonomy column and adding the column to a custom content type. In this article, you: ...(Read whole news on source site)

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