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Windows 8 JavaScript–Change Lock Screen Image

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In the past couple of months I’ve worked a lot with Windows 8 JavaScript and C#, I’ve also wrote plenty of posts on that subject and there is much more stuff to talk about. In this post I’ll show two things: Using File Picker using JavaScript Change Windows 8 Lock Screen Image Programmatically Download Demo Project Step 1: Create Blank JavaScript Project In the app.onactivated function we add the following code to listen the Choose Picture button and
calling the displayCurrentImg function.
When you click the Choose Picture button we call the openFilePicker function.
app.onactivated = function (eventObject) {     if (eventObject.detail.kind === Windows.ApplicationModel.Activation.ActivationKind.launch) {        $("#btnBrowse").addEventListener("click", function () {             openFilePicker();         }, false);           displayCurrentLockImg();         WinJS.UI.processAll();     } };
Step 2: Find The Current Lock Screen Image You might notice that in the previous...(Read whole news on source site)

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