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Building a Radar Control in Silverlight - Part 1

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I had an idea recently about building a Silverlight Radar control; you know, similar to the kind you see in Submarine movies. Such a control could have a variety of applications from displaying incoming opponents in a game to helping you visualize the relative locations of free WiFi access points (assuming you had the GPS data available for making such calculations).  In this series of posts, I will walk through my journey of building this control.  Along the way, I’ll document some of the more interesting aspects of the control.  Let’s get started! Building the Radar
Grid and Line

I usually start off by sketching out my idea on paper so that I have something to look at.  It’s not anything fancy, but it works for me.  So looking at my sketch, the most characteristic part of the radar control will be the fluid gradient that will rotate about the center point.  There are different ways you could achieve this effect, but maybe the easiest way would be to take advantage of the CompositionTarget.Rendering event.  This event basically gives you a hook to make changes right...(Read whole news on source site)

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