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Delegates in c#

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I have used delegates in my programming since C# 2.0. But I have seen there are lots of confusion going on with delegates so I have decided to blog about it. In this blog I will explain about delegate basics and use of delegates in C#. What is delegate? We can say a delegate is a type safe function pointer which holds methods reference in object. As per MSDN it's a type that references to a method. So you can assign more than one methods to delegates with same parameter
and same return type. Following is syntax for the delegate public delegate int Calculate(int a, int b); Here you can see the we have defined the delegate with two int parameter and integer parameter as return parameter. Now any method that matches this parameter can be assigned to above delegates. To understand the functionality of delegates let’s take a following simple example. using System; namespace Delegates { class Program { public delegate int CalculateNumber(int a, int b); static void Main(string[] args) ...(Read whole news on source site)

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