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Windows 8 – Icons

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Everyone who start developing for Windows 8 most heard about the AppBar control, the AppBar control is a navigation bar allowing the developer to add commands for his application.
When you define a command for AppBar you can set a Icon for it and there is already a lot of icons available for you out of the box in any Metro app. To use those built it icons in C# and JavaScript you just need to set the font-family to - Segoe UI Symbol and write down
the hexadecimal value of the icon. Because the Icons are coming from Font they are Vectorial, this means you don’t have to add images to your project and you can modify the icon color by just changing the text color to any color you want. Download Demo Solution – The solution contains both JavaScript and C# project. C# For C# there isn’t a built in Enum like in JavaScript but you can use the following code to run over all available Icons:
public SampleDataSource() ...(Read whole news on source site)

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