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JavaScript Debugging Enhancements

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Visual Studio 11 Beta introduces a first class JavaScript development experience and provides a rich toolset for developing Windows Metro style apps. Debugging is a crucial part of that toolset. In this post I am going to focus on just some of the new scenarios and enhancements we’ve added to JavaScript debugging experience for this release. First chance exceptions In previous versions of Visual Studio you could only break on unhandled exceptions when debugging JavaScript code. Now, for a given exception type, there is an option to break on exception whenever it is thrown. This is done by enabling the corresponding checkbox
under Thrown column in the Exceptions dialog (accessible through Debug -> Exceptions menu command). The other column, “User-Unhandled”, does not apply to JavaScript debugging and is therefore disabled (it applies only to CLR exceptions and is used during managed debugging with “Just My Code” on). The default settings enable first chance exceptions for certain error types (for example: Object doesn't support this property or method). When the whole JavaScript Runtime Exceptions category is checked under Thrown, debugger will break on all runtime errors even if they are not listed in the dialog. First chance exceptions is an important tool when debugging...(Read whole news on source site)

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