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Clean and clear configuration with StructureMap

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All sources of this post can be found at my git.
Today, I will continue to sharing some knowledge that I know about StructureMap on Multi-layers application. So I think everyone also know about Multi-layers application, in past we often used the 3 layers (Presentation, Business Logic and Data Access), but by the time maybe we had more than 3 layers as well. In past, when I used Spring.NET framework for IoC container, I must make many configuration in XML file (who knew about XML hell???), it is really terrible. Why? Because it is not a strong type, so very easy to got a error
when config an object and also hard to find cause of error in XML file. But now we have DSL for config objects and also have a Fluent Interface for working with config tasks. Some of containers also try to migrate to this way. And I think it is really good to work with. So one question here, how do we config on the multi-layers? Somebody will answer that we will config all instances on the Presentation layer or Service layer in WCF service. Yes, that's fine. And we shall config all instances in these layers. But when I studied a Divide and Conquer algorithm at...(Read whole news on source site)

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