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Metro: Wire events to ICommand with a (not so simple) extension

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Looking to the new Metro style applications in Windows 8, I recently found that the easiness of Silverlight lost some points in the move to the new Metro application environment. One of the important things that are missed in XAML for Metro is the ability of wire events of the View to commands in the ViewModel. To be more precise, this capability exists but is limited to instances of ButtonBase class like Button and Hyperlinks. This scenario is known to Silverlight developers but it is easy worked around with Behaviors. Behaviors and Triggers comes from the Expression Blend SDK
and are very useful. I think many of you know the EventToCommand class provided by the MVVM Light Toolkit that is able to wire commands to every kind of events. Unfortunately behaviors are not supported in Metro applications (at least for the moment) so the sole way to handle events is to use codebehind to programmatically call commands of the ViewModel. For this reason I started to work hard to find a way to create a behavior's surrogate, and I finally achieved this result. Please take note that the solution I present here relies on two tricks made...(Read whole news on source site)

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