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EF Power Tools Beta 2 Available

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The Entity Framework Power Tools provide additional design-time tools in Visual Studio to help you develop using the Entity Framework. Today we are releasing Beta 2 of the Power Tools.   Where do I get it? The Entity Framework Power Tools are available on the Visual Studio Gallery. You can also install them directly from Visual Studio by selecting 'Tools -> Extension Manager...' then searching for "Entity Framework Power Tools" in the Online Gallery. If you encounter an error while upgrading from an older version of EF Power Tools, you
will need to uninstall the older version first then install EF Power Tools Beta 2. This is due to a bug in Visual Studio that blocks the upgrade because the certificate used to sign Beta 2 has a different expiry date than Beta 1.   What's new in Beta 2? Beta 2 improves the quality of the previous release, and also adds new functionality. Code generated by reverse engineer can be customized using T4 templates. Fixed many reverse engineer bugs relating to the code that we generate....(Read whole news on source site)

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