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Getting to grips with the stack in nasm

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  Today I spent a good part of my day getting to grips with the stack and nasm. After looking at my notes on nasm I think this is one area for the course I am doing they could focus more on… So here are some snippets I have put together that have helped me understand a little bit about the stack… Simplest example of the stack You will probably see examples like the following in circulation… these demonstrate the simplest use of the stack… org 0x100
bits 16
/>jmp main

push 42h
push 43h
push 44h

mov ah,2h ;set to display characters

pop dx    ;get the first value
int 21h   ;and display it

pop dx    ;get 2nd value
int 21h   ;and display it
...(Read whole news on source site)

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