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Database Development and Source Control

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I have been working with Database Development and the aspects that come with it, the pain and the joy of moving from Dev to QA and then on to Production.  Source Control has a place in Dev, and that is where the baselines should be established. Where am I going with this? I have been working with Redgate’s Source Control 3.0, and I am seeing some features that are great for the process of moving from Dev to … well something that allows for quite a level of control.  We are not only talking about scripting the structure of
a database, but creating a baseline, working with migration scripts, and integrated with Redgate’s Schema Compare.  There is a detailed paper that will be posted here in the next day or so to provide step by step information of the process to define your baseline in Dev and then take it to the desired destination. In the meantime, check the Webinars Redgate has regarding this process and products.
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