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Endless Pagination - Load content using DevExpress ASP.NET while scrolling

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Check out this solution to provide an 'endless pagination' feature to your DevExpress ASP.NET enabled websites: A DevExpress ASP.NET Approach You can achieve the above sample using these DevExpress ASP.NET controls: ASPxCallback ASPxLoadingPanel ASPxPanel JavaScript methods from our ASPxClientUtils object Take a look at this code central sample here: ASPxCallback - How to load the content while scrolling - Auto page growth on scrolling down (
target="_blank">online demo) I'll talk about the magic of the JavaScript code below but first, let's look at the general problem and why using an 'endless pagination' solution can help. Large Datasets Large datasets on the web are not uncommon anymore. So how do you deal with these large amounts of data without overwhelming the user with a ton of information at once? You paginate the data into smaller chunks: Endless pagination or infinite scrolling Endless pagination (or infinite scrolling) is used by many companies like,,...(Read whole news on source site)

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